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Corona based business transformation

Corona drives business transformation

When the Corona virus hit companies around the globe many of us could not imagine it would be permanent. Many of us have fired off short term actions. Many governments have provided support. But all of that focused on immediate damage control.

Today, Corona is still prevalent, indeed it might stay for quite some time. Cash reserves are mostly gone and government aid will not continue forever. Many businesses are realizing it is high time to change their business model.

Often that is translated into staff reduction and service cuts. More and more companies prepare to shrink.

This may be necessary, but in parallel we encourage all investors, business owners and managers to use this hiatus situation to focus on really improving the business model. Now is the time to explore the benefits of digitalization, robotics and AI. Why? You not only want to survive. You want to come out ahead of competition.

How well corporate strategies convince investors can be seen by comparing market capitalization values.


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