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Corona Ancillaries

Safety beats price – Definitely!

Competing on price is what airlines seem to love – even during this global crisis. Everyone wants to attract those few passengers that have to travel or deeply want to travel. Are we sure we understand their actual willingness to pay?

And if base price competition can not be avoided there has to be a clever upsell via ancillaries. Well, food and beverage might be a problem, but how about selling safety? Empty-Middle seat already has become an attractive product. Why not extend this into “Board-last” and “De-board-first”?

Passing through the airport lines might be considered as dangerous as being on the plane. Why not offering fast lane access with the promise to limit airport time to an absolute minimum. Everyone who has experienced private aviation knows what I am talking about.

There is high demand for airline travel in the market – and safety is now more important than price.

Airlines need to prove their readiness to keep passengers healthy instead of undercutting yet another budget price.


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