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UNEX modern commercial roadmap for airline distribution

Distribution of airline tickets is under pressure as more and more channels pop up. As a result channel costs need to be reduced and new revenue streams to be covered. Consequently decisions need to be taken: Which new technology and sales channel will survive or might even define the new standard. And while NDC and One Order open the travel market to strong players such as Amazon and SAP the traditional sales force distribution must not be neglected.

  • How differentiated is your distribution?

  • How much are your distribution costs?

  • How much revenue potential do you see in each channel?

  • Do you have a commercial roadmap on how to grow profit in the future?

UNEX offers such a roadmap. We evaluate your commercial readiness for the future and benchmark it against our database of best practices in HUB and LCC business models.

Over 100 success factors will be systematically analyzed along these 10 commercial levers:

  1. Ancillaries

  2. Channel Mix

  3. New Channels

  4. Field Sales

  5. Contracted Business

  6. Payment

  7. Direct Sales

  8. Unbundling

  9. GDS / NDC / One Order

  10. Pricing and Revenue Management

The UNEX distribution cost simulator and the customer value simulator provide fast results on how to improve your profit.

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