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Fast & innovative solutions

UNEX: Your trusted partner for driving transformative changes in pricing and processes. Leveraging our extensive expertise in both industry and retail, we offer specialized assistance in enhancing efficiency and profitability. Our experience is your strategic advantage on the journey to sustainable success.

Working with great customers 

Solutions for FMCG

Digital devices

Digital transformation

A groundbreaking advancement in the (FMCG industry: tackling present challenges and devising efficient processes, encompassing pioneering technologies and optimizing production and supply chains.

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Market cultivation

Maximizing presence, targeting customers and long-lasting relationships are the signposts to today's success. Using the synergies from innovative sales, optimized digital processes and effective use of the marketing mix.

Financial analyst

Analytics & Intelligence

Gain new insights and discover new opportunities by combining strategy, industry expertise and business intelligence analysis. Power BI draws all the necessary information from the data warehouse to use the dashboard in a targeted manner and to make future-oriented decisions. 


The FMCG industry is facing the challenge of rethinking existing business models and market strategies. In addition to digitization and the customer journey, key factors include changes in the shopping behavior of the younger generations. Online platforms, delivery services and social media.

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In the fast-moving FMCG industry, excellent pricing, tailored price and condition systems (trade terms), and KPI-based management are crucial.

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The FMCG industry must recognize that today's generation of consumers is consciously looking for products that offer both quality and environmental sustainability. This paradigm shift challenges the industry to redesign its production processes, packaging and supply chains - to continue to be attractive to consumers.

UNEX Sustainability


The industry is challenged to adapt to rapidly changing consumer preferences while leveraging new technologies to drive efficiency and sustainability."

Arne Semken
Project Manager, UNEX

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Trends moving our customers


AI and chat GPT - what is the purchasing behavior of Generation Z - higher comparability and quality issues


The sustainability of product manufacturing and the ethical sourcing of goods have become increasingly important, with more and more customers paying close attention to the ingredients used.

Digital transformation

Whether it's in HR or sales, each department within the company is adapting and addressing the digital challenges at hand.

Successful implemented

Price & conditioning system

Current industry conditions & contemporary discounts

Excellence Pricing

Data-based strategic pricing (national and international)

Subsidiary company

PKS - development and implementation at subsidiaries

Digital Sales

Development of digital sales strategies with high process quality

PKS - realignment

Updating the system & Development of new trends

Value Growth

Strategy development sustainable value growth

Quality assessment

Evaluation of the conditions system in the environment of digital change

Human Resources

Digital transformation using modern change processes


Control-effective KPI definition implemented using BI tools


Various other projects

"UNEX has created value. We are very satisfied."

Tobias Bachmüller - Managing Partner, Katjes

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