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Many years of knowledge combined with innovative approaches to solutions

Experience Meets Innovation: UNEX combines proven expertise with forward-thinking solutions for the industry. From medium-sized enterprises to global market leaders with various orientations. Welcome to a world where tradition and progress go hand in hand to shape the future of the industry.

Collaboration with great clients

Solutions for industry

"A man is playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens."

Digital Transformation

A groundbreaking step for the industrial sector: tackling current challenges and establishing efficient processes - from innovative technologies to optimizing production and supply chains with user-friendly digital solutions that free up resources.

Brücke Innen

Future orientation

Business models and market strategies are under scrutiny, with a particular focus on the customer journey. This is where opportunities for expanding business activities emerge. The potentials of digitalization serve as ideal levers to seize these opportunities and successfully scale the business.

Öffentlicher Arbeitsraum

Market cultivation

One key to sustainable business success in today's economic landscape is the synergy of innovative sales, optimized digital processes, and effective utilization of social media and marketing strategies.


In the dynamic environment of the industry, pricing is enormously important. In-depth analyses of products, markets and competitors are essential. Based on this, tailored pricing strategies must be developed that not only reflect the value of the offerings, but also take into account market trends and customer needs.

Preis und Konditionen am Computer

Analytics & Intelligence

Gain new insights and discover new opportunities by combining strategy, industry expertise and business intelligence analysis. Power-BI pulls all the necessary information from the data warehouse to target the dashboard.

Industrie Business Intelligence Roboter


Sustainable transformation is a must for every company in today's world. The EU Green Deal demands more transparency and reporting from industry, also to prevent "greenwashing". The majority of CO2 emissions in industry occur along the supply chains, not at all during production.

Nachhaltigkeit Industrie


The industry faces the challenge of simultaneously adapting to disruptive technological changes and meeting the growing demands for sustainability.

Björn Rosenberger
Senior Project Manager, UNEX


Trends moving our customers


What impact does AI have on individualized offer creation for end customers?


How to achieve CO2 reduction while simultaneously saving costs in production and the supply chain.

Digital Transformation

Breaking free from old structures - How to succeed in transitioning to an innovative sales team.

Successfully implemented

Market approach

Efficient sales territory allocation for successful market cultivation

Sustainability in business

Focus on resource efficiency and environmental protection

Future of sales

The Future of Sales: Focus on Digital Key Account Managers


Strategic realignment of business units & departments

Cost reduction

Overhead cost optimization at the highest level


Strategic pricing in the digital transformation

Cost reduction

Overhead cost optimization at the highest level

Growth strategies

Exploring growth paths: Opportunities for expansion

Digital conditions

Digital B2B-sales solutions

UNEX has assisted us in conceiving and implementing our growth strategy. I am very pleased with the professionalism of UNEX and the project's outcome.

Markus Sander - Executive Board Member, Westag & Getalit AG

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