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UNEX stands for United Experience.

For us, success is defined by our active collaboration with customers, steering clear of isolated approaches that overlook genuine needs.

Our approach is marked by close cooperation with diverse partners, enabling us to consistently provide optimal solutions and bring together top experts in their respective domains.

We firmly believe that consulting services should be versatile and highly customized, always tailored to the specific requirements and challenges of our clients.

Join us in exploring four of our key core competencies, and let our "United Experience" demonstrate its value.

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Digital transformation

Shaping change together. Our expertise in digital transformation puts your company on the fast track. We identify trends, develop future-oriented strategies and optimize processes for sustainable success.

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Market cultivation

Increase sales and competitiveness together. We analyze customer potential, find approaches in the customer journey and build the appropriate marketing processes and structures - whether classic, multi-stage or online market processing. We shape the future of your company in a dynamic market environment.



In the area of pricing and conditions systems, we support companies in developing and implementing the optimal pricing strategy. We use both best practice methods and pragmatic solutions. In any case, we focus on maximizing profits and increasing efficiency. 

Strategic realignments

Strategic further development for your future top position. Our customized approaches take into account your individual goals and market conditions, whether business units, marketing, sales, service & operations or purchasing. Together we design a clear and success-oriented path into the future.

Internationale Organisation und Strukturen

Implementation expertise

Our implementation expertise brings your strategies to life. With practical know-how and a team of doers, we set change in motion. From planning to execution, we work hand-in-hand to accelerate your success and put your business on the fast track.

Erfolgreich und schnell umsetzen

Organizational development

We look forward, not in the rearview mirror. Organizations face a variety of challenges. Our expertise helps to overcome them and to strengthen the organization and develop important change processes.

Entwicklung von Unternehmen beraten
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Our unique selling point: 

Linking business intelligence with industry expertise.

Added value of the digital models: 

  • Understanding the value chain

  • Dashboard-based key insights for all levels of leadership

  • Continually improving productivity, growth and profitability


Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer UNEX BI - Website:

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