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About us.


Unique team

Successful projects arise from many factors:
Entrepreneurial spirit, project experience, industry knowledge and team orientation.

With the consultants and experts from UNEX you are on the right page. 

Some employees introduce themselves:

Arne Semken UNEX

Arne Semken


Arne has a Master of Arts in Business Management.
After several years in the industry (e.g. at Mondelez), he moved to to UNEX. Today he oversees large projects and programs in the aviation and trade fair industries.

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Benno Deagling UNEX

Benno Daegling


Benno is one of the founders of UNEX.
He was previously a partner at St. Gallen Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman.

Today he is responsible for the areas of expertise “Aviation & Travel” and “Fast Moving Consumer Goods”.

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Mike Radziwinski UNEX

Mike Radziwinski


Mike is one of the
Founder of UNEX.

He has built a strong UNEX Trade Fair competence center and is responsible for the “Durable Goods” sector.

Mike previously worked at St. Gallen Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman.

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Claudia Heydenreich UNEX

Claudia Heydenreich


Claudia has been working for UNEX since 2005 in the two areas of expertise Aviation & Travel and consumer goods.
She previously worked at Oliver Wyman for several years.

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Robin Andrae UNEX

Robin Andrae


Robin has a B.A. in social economics and has gained experience running his own company. Now he uses this experience in the aviation, travel and exhibition industries.

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Björn Rosenberger UNEX

Björn Rosenberger


Björn joined UNEX in 2005 after working for Oliver Wyman. Since then he has been involved in numerous projects in the airline & Travel and Trade Fair Industry responsible. To do this, he is building wind farm fields in the Asian region.

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Marc Busse UNEX

Marc-Niklas Buße


Freshly started in 2023,  Marc supports projects in our Aviation & Travel, Trade Fair Industry and Consumer Goods.
He is enthusiastic about our diverse focus on sustainability. 

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Experts & Networks

Simply distinctive

UNEX brings together a large network of consultants, freelancers and partners. In total we are already more than 250 people, all of whom are super motivated, creative and solution-oriented to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. 

Our Aviation & Travel - Team (A&T). A team of former top management - such as CEOs of airlines and industry experts - who appear together in the airline world. Get to know some of our partners below:  


Gen Z will turn the airlines' frequent flyer program on its head. 

Joost Greve - Industry Expert A&T - Team

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The future of FMCG lies in personalized product design to meet the increasing demands and needs of consumers. 


Peter Mißner - pricing expert

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