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Dashboard forecasting in a period of unpredictability

Data analytics is key to airline success. Highly developed models have been created to forecast demand and thus predict future seat load factor and yield.

Yet the challenge is: Algorithms that form the base for these forecasts are no longer valid.

So, what to do in a situation in which last year’s demand is undocked from future traffic volumes? It is the time for manual Excel and Pivot calculations, correct? But finding the right answers in huge spreadsheets with infinite rows and columns can be a real challenge. In addition, the data is often already outdated once its produced. Question is: what to do?

Business Intelligence dashboards are the solution. Based on tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or Qlik flexible dashboard reporting can be established. The power of these tools is, they connect data from multiple sources like SAP, SQL and indeed, also Excel. Thereby live updates are possible.

The key to success is to define the meaningful data points and to combine these with each other to unfold KPI that lead to a superior strategic outcome of decisions.

UNEX has built a well-developed business intelligence tool based on business development software for the commercial aspects of aviation. It offers new insights in the areas of sales, pricing and revenue management:

  • Usage of multiple data sources incl. real time connections to most important databases

  • Scenario calculations based on interacting assumptions for corporate and leisure demand

  • Outcome predictions for revenue, yield, SLF, etc.

  • Fair share calculations by route and compartment, and much more

There is no “one size fits all” solution during these unpredictable times. But with the basis of the established UNEX model up to 80% of manual work is already completed, thereby freeing up resources within the firm. The adjustments to specific needs and terminology can usually be done in 4 to 8 weeks. Let us show you the model in an online session to see if this would solve some of your problems.


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