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Kill those boring Excel spreadsheets and discover Power BI

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

We call them data graveyards, those boring data tables that we come across in most of our projects

We wanted to give our clients a better data experience and we found it in Microsoft Power BI. The benefits are:

  1. Easy to read data by visuals that direct you to the most important or critical developments

  2. New data combinations by sourcing data from multiple databases for new meaningful KPI

  3. One time setup and from then automated refresh – an end to copy/paste and manual pivot tables

What are the general use cases?

  1. Transparency on the development of volume, revenue, cost and profit – split by whatever dimension you can imagine

  2. Market share compared to market potential by combining public data sources like population or spending power with your company data

  3. Trade term optimization, pricing strategies and promotion design

How about special use cases in Aviation?

  1. Ancillary steering and pricing with automated demand based offer management

  2. Promotional pricing for base fee and ancillary up-sell

  3. Steering capability for revenue management as historic data no longer provides a base for demand forecasting

What else?

The use cases to benefit from Power BI are endless. Think of service level tracking, customer loyalty profitability, warehouse optimization and so much more.

Contact us for more information or a complimentary evaluation of the opportunities that Power BI holds for you


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